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New Nike Houston Rockets jersey potentially leaked

James Harden

Now that Nike is soon to become the official outfitter of the NBA, the speculation about the new-look jerseys along with the shedding of the storied “home” and “away” jerseys, now known as the “icon” and “association” jerseys, are all in full go.

While there is no trail of the original reel, Houston Rockets guard James Harden was seemingly spotted wearing the new Nike iteration of the 2017-18 jerseys, a modern twist on the gear worn by Team USA during the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The jerseys will be lighter and made with recycled plastic bottles, also sworn to make this version dry 15 percent faster than the jerseys worn last season.

As for the video, Harden seems to be sporting a slightly deeper collar and a flex cut around the edge of the shorts, allowing for more mobility.

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