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NBA players express their thoughts for Houston during Hurricane Harvey

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The city of Houston, as well some other parts of Texas, was slammed hard recently by Hurricane Harvey, which has left the area severely damaged and a lot of its residents seeking help. It only gets worse as the rains are expected to continue up to Wednesday, with an estimated amount of up to 50 inches, which could mean more flooding that could further damage the surroundings.

Prayers and thoughts for the city of Houston are being sent out in social media, particularly in Twitter, by many. Likewise, NBA players echo the call for help and ask everyone to take a minute or two in their days to offer some prayers for the victims.

This definitely goes to show that the players are more than just professional athletes, but also concerned citizens of humanity.  The messages of support may seem like a small gesture for them, but given the thousands of followers they have, awareness of the situation is already being boosted through these tweets that could lead to more support.

These are the times that the NBA players’ stature can be used to its fullest to influence the public to help a good cause. It’s also a perfect example that during tough encounters, everyone is equal, regardless of fame, and how much someone earns.

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