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NBA news: Total national TV games for NBA schedule revealed

As the schedules of NBA teams were released on Monday, they also found out the number of nationally televised games they’ll have next season. It does not come as surprise that the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers top the list, but the amount they’ll have is just incredible and left many in awe.

In a nutshell, holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Christmas Day have been loaded up with marquee matchups, that will entice the fans more to stay put in front of their TVs, and enjoy the games. The Dubs will have more than half of their regular season schedule on national television, including the first rematch of last campaign’s Finals series, when they face the Cavs on December 25th.

Although there are teams like the Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks, who are being projected as the ones more likely to have the worst records, their fans could still have something to look forward to, as they’ll have two nationally-televised games as well. This will give their players a chance to still get some exposure, which will be important to their careers, and also the teams to market themselves.

It is also worth noting that schedules may be changed by the networks, depending on the standings and how some teams will perform within the season. Should there be some made, it will be announced in advance, which will allow the fans to make adjustments to their own schedules, to allow them to still watch the games they like. Once again, the NBA has done a good job “spreading the wealth,” but very understandably gave more airtime to the contenders who have some of the biggest superstars of the league in their lineups.

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