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NBA news: Former player Jordan Crawford jokes about Rockets-Clippers feud

Jordan Crawford, Rockets, Clippers

NBA people are nowhere near done commenting about the altercation between the Houston Rockets and L.A. Clippers that occurred after the game Monday night.

The latest in the responses comes from former NBA player Jordan Crawford. His came in the form of a joke — as most of the reactions have — but this time he got into a certain company for which several Rockets players filmed a commercial, per Crawford’s Twitter account.

Let’s give you a refresher. Several Rockets players tried to bust into the Clippers locker room after the game, apparently trying to confront Austin Rivers and possibly Blake Griffin. What resulted was rampant reaction from NBA Twitter, in one of the most entertaining nights online so far this season.

One of Chris Paul’s sponsors is State Farm. Soon after being traded to Houston, he, Trevor Ariza and James Harden appeared in a funny commercial promoting the company. You can watch it below.

All three of the players in the above commercial were involved in the incident after Monday night’s game. Gerald Green and Clint Capela also played roles.

But the fact that Harden, Paul and Ariza were the three biggest names that were trying to get at Rivers makes the above commercial even more funny. Maybe while on set, the three mused about what would happen if they ever needed to get each other’s back all at the same time.

Maybe the song really did unite all three fo them, and they were singing as it they lurked through the secret tunnel at Staples Center to get to the Clippers locker room.

All of this is probably just a big coincidence, but it’s sure fun to think about.

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