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NBA news: Flowchart for every Western Conference playoff scenario

Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and a lot can still happen despite just a few games left for most teams.

This is especially the case in the Western Conference standings where only the top two seeds are set in stone with the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors sitting at the top.

There is a multitude of scenarios that could go down in the final two days of the regular season that could seriously alter the playoff seedings.

Here is a look at a flowchart demonstrating just how complicated the situation currently is:

That will make your head hurt. If you’re looking for something a little easier to break down, here is another tweet with some information:

There is indeed quite a bit riding on the final two nights of the regular season.

The easiest scenario you can watch for involves the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves who square off tomorrow night in Minnesota in what is essentially a play-in game as both teams have the same record and are currently making up the 8th and 9th spots in the standings.

Still, a lot can also happen involving the Jazz, Pelicans, Blazers, Spurs and Thunder in their final games.

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