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NBA Impersonator hilarious re-enacts James Harden’s epic crossover

James Harden, Brandon Armstrong

Over the past couple of seasons, popular YouTuber and NBA impersonator Brandon Armstrong has made some very hilarious videos. From re-enacting how the big stars of league play, to depicting how fans react to some crazy plays, he has done it all and received a lot of views from the clips he has uploaded.

The former overseas pro player, who goes by the name BdotAdot5 on social media, was back at it again, this time impersonating James Harden’s epic crossover on Wednesday night against the L.A. Clippers. It can be recalled that he pulled off a highlight reel worthy play and dropped Wesley Johnson, stared him down, before knocking down a wide-open 3-pointer. Armstrong did not waste time in coming up with his own version, with a lot of humor injected in it.

The impersonation is expected to once again be viewed thousands of times by basketball fans around the world, just like the play which will be a hot topic for the coming days. What Harden did is not a common sight in the NBA, especially when he paused first, stared at his victim, before pulling up from beyond the arc. It had his teammates on the bench up on their feet, and even left the home fans inside Staples Center in awe of his move.

Many are already considering it the play of the year, but with still a lot of games left in the season, other players could still come up with a move that can rival what Harden did. For what it’s worth, should there be some that will be made as the season progresses, it can also be expected that Armstrong will once again be making new videos to bring a lot of laughter to his followers.


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