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Mike D’Antoni reacts to Steve Kerr’s deleted tweet about James Harden

James Harden, Mike D'Antoni

It is clear that the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are slowly building a Western Conference rivalry. The Rockets proved this by winning their season series 2-1 against the defending NBA champions.

While they have a long way to go towards actually dethroning them in the Western Conference, the Rockets may just be the biggest threat to the Warriors. On Thursday, the Rockets defeated the Spurs 102-91 after an amazing performance by James Harden. On one particular play, Harden converted a step-back 3-pointer to ice the game. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, however, believed that Harden traveled on the play and went on Twitter to complain about it.

Moments later, Kerr deleted the tweet and maintained that he accidentally sent it, which was supposed to be a direct message to a friend. Word of this shenanigan reached to Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni, who didn’t seem to pay any mind to the incident, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

Mike D’Antoni on Steve Kerr’s accidental tweet regarding James Harden’s stepback jumper: “He was trying to send a direct message to somebody? As long as it’s not Adam Silver, I’m OK with it.” Is the move a travel? “No.”

Although D’Antoni and Kerr have some disagreements whether if Harden’s move was a travel, the Rockets coach apparently has no ill-feelings for Kerr. Rightfully so, the tweet was sent by mistake. Then again, even if it wasn’t, it’s unlikely that it would bother D’Antoni at all. There is a good possibility that the Rockets and Warriors will meet in the playoffs. No matter the outcome, the series should definitely be interesting.

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