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Michael Jordan on Rockets star James Harden’s scoring ability: ‘He’s not doing this off the whim’

Michael Jordan, James Harden, Rockets

Michael Jordan doesn’t dish out compliments often, which is why his recent comments on Houston Rockets tar James Harden came as a surprise.

Jordan, who is known as the greatest player of all time, spoke with Roderick Boone of The Athletic on Zion Williamson, the Charlotte Hornets in Paris and James Harden’s scoring ability.

While Jordan’s comments on Zion and the Hornets’ Paris experience were worthwhile comments, it’s his thoughts on Harden’s play that further validates the general consensus that the Rockets star is one of the games’ greatest scorers.

“I think all records are a sense of pride for the work that you put into the game. So yeah, I’m happy to have it. I’m happy to have it because I think it showcases actually how much you practiced and the effort that I put into it. I think what you are seeing in James Harden is the same thing,” Michael Jordan explained. “He’s not doing this off the whim. It’s something that he’s worked at and he’s perfected to the point where the results are starting to show.

“The game itself is a fun game to watch. A lot more threes. I think the European players have expanded the style of basketball because of the versatility that they have brought to the game which I think is good for the league, which has increased in scoring. So I think it’s just going to keep getting better, and it forces us as Americans how to play a much more rounded basketball game. That’s what the European players have taught us as individuals in the states.”

Harden is having another historical season with the Rockets. He’s averaging 36.1 points per game, relying on 3-point shooting, drives to the basket and free throws.

While it’s unconventional, as His Airness alluded to, his production is a result of hard work. And with his hard work, Harden makes his unconventional game work for him.

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