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Michael Jordan decides between Rockets’ James Harden, Thunder’s Russell Westbrook’s streaks

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Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan offered that James Harden’s streak of 30 straight 30-point games and Russell Westbrook’s 10 straight triple-doubles are both equally impressive and tough to accomplish. Yet when asked to decide between the two, the long-stapled GOAT pulled an ace from his pocket.

“Which is harder from the player’s standpoint? Six championships by all means,” said Jordan, according to Steve Reed of The Associated Press.

The former Chicago Bulls star has six rings to his name, six more than Westbrook and Harden have between them.

Both players have history-defying streaks, with Harden blowing through the scoring books like a bat out of hell and Westbrook building himself as the new Mr. Triple-Double, logging 10 straight in yet another undoubted triple-double season.

It’s worthy to note that Westbrook is part of Team Jordan, but the Hall of Famer has been known to be a maniacal competitor in all aspects of life — and this, friends, is no exception.

Jordan did laud both players for their achievement, taking no more of the spotlight for two players that will be featured in this iteration of the All-Star Game.

“It shows progression in the league,” Jordan said during an interview at his Hornets facility while discussing the upcoming All-Star Weekend . “I am very proud of how both guys have done because they are making a mark for the league and I think it really helps grow the league.”

Westbrook and Harden hope to keep their streaks alive before hitting the All-Star break on Friday, getting a week’s worth of rest before raining down further all-around wrath in the rest of the league.

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