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Marquese Chriss deletes tweets taking jabs at now teammate James Harden

Marquese Chriss

After Marquese Chriss was traded to the Houston Rockets, he went to his Twitter to look for any comments about his new teammate, James Harden.

In 2015, Chriss tweeted negatively about Harden and stated that all he does is flop and shoot free throws. This is a common criticism of Harden’s game, but it looks like Chriss is deleting that tweet so he can get off on the right foot with the reigning MVP.

At the time of the tweet, Chriss was still a senior in high school. He probably didn’t expect that one day he would be playing alongside Harden.

It’s unlikely that Harden takes offense to this tweet, but it’s a good faith effort by Chriss to delete the tweet regardless. After all, Chriss is the kind of player who could benefit greatly from playing with Harden. Chriss has struggled in his first two seasons, but he’s super athletic and loves to play above the rim.

Harden is one of the best in the game at finding cutters and roll men. Perhaps Chriss can find his niche as an energy guy off the bench in Houston. Harden and Chris Paul are two of the best passers in the league and maybe that’s exactly what Chriss needs to unlock his potential.

With social media nowadays, everything can come back to bite you. Chriss is learning this the hard way, but there are certainly worse things he could have tweeted. He didn’t tweet anything offensive or problematic. This is nothing more than a funny story and maybe an awkward conversation when the two meet.

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