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Mark Cuban joins debate against James Harden’s foul-drawing techniques

Mark Cuban

Houston Rockets star James Harden’s ability to draw fouls is both a gift and a curse. It’s a gift for him and the Rockets, as Harden frequently parades to the free-throw line to change the tide of games. But in terms of criticism against Harden’s style of play, it’s a pretty big curse.

Many are fed up with Harden’s methods of drawing contact. The Los Angeles Lakers were fuming during their loss to Houston earlier in the week, as Harden got to the charity stripe 19 times, so much so that they started defending with their hands behind their back.

Add Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to the list of people who take issue with the way the NBA officiates James Harden.

You can see from the replay that the contact is fully initiated by Harden, as Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma even appeared to try and sidestep James Harden in an attempt to avoid being hit with a foul call.

This is nothing new, and it’s far from Harden’s No. 1 method of drawing fouls.

But hey; as long as the NBA is calling the fouls, why shouldn’t Harden take advantage of it, right? After all, Harden is a lifetime 85.4 percent free-throw shooter, and this season, The Beard is making 83.8 percent of his attempts.

As a matter of fact, Harden’s free-throw rate is actually down this year. The 2017-18 MVP is averaging 9.8 free throws per game, and while that is still a ton, it is his lowest output since the 2013-14 campaign, when he got to the line 9.1 times a night.

James Harden is averaging a career-high 30.8 points per game on the young season.

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