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LeBron James says James Harden’s killer step back move is one you dream about

James Harden, LeBron James

LeBron James lauded his greatest threat in a race for the MVP award, James Harden, after he pulled off one of the most savage moments of the NBA season, shattering the ankles of L.A. Clippers’ forward Wesley Johnson during the first quarter of Wednesday night’s outing.

The King didn’t hold back in his praise for The Beard, calling his step back

“It’s one of those moves you dream about having,” said James. “It’s a perfect storm, because at that time they were pretty handily winning that game like 28-7 or 28-3 at that point and he hits that step back, one of his patented moves.

The crowd went crazy, his teammates went crazy, and that’s a play that will be in his highlight reel for the rest of his life.”

Harden’s lethal step back was aided by Johnson stumbling to the ground and struggling to get back on his feet to contest the shot, giving Harden time to stare him down in confusion for what seemed like an eternity, before raising up to shoot and drain a three in front of the away crowd at Staples Center.

The collection of all those things took this move from a run-of-the-mill step back to one capable of winning an award for best individual play of this NBA season.

The Beard has had his fair share of moments in a Rockets jersey, but this is perhaps one that will be played back on NBA TV decades from now, as one of the filthiest ankle-breakers of all-time, cemented along with the ones from legends like Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, and Tim Hardaway Sr.

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