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Lakers’ Dwight Howard reacts to Jeanie Buss’ jab at Mike D’Antoni

Lakers, Dwight Howard, Jeanie Buss, Mike D'Antoni

Los Angeles Lakers veteran big man Dwight Howard has chimed in on team owner Jeanie Buss’ criticism of former Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. According to Buss, she believes that D’Antoni was the main reason why Howard’s first stint with the Lakers some years ago did not work out.

For his part, however, Howard has refused to add fire to the flame. The 34-year-old was appreciative of Buss’ comments, but he simply did not want to engage in what appears to be some blatant finger-pointing:

Howard joined the Lakers in 2012 as part of a four-team blockbuster trade. At that time, he was one of the most dominant big men in the league, and a pairing with Kobe Bryant seemed extremely promising. Things did not turn out as expected, though, and after barely one season with the squad, Howard would part ways with L.A. to sign as a free agent with the Houston Rockets.

Bryant and Howard did not exactly see eye to eye, and many believe that this was one of the main reasons why this duo never really took off. As it seems, Buss has other ideas, opting to use D’Antoni as the scapegoat.

As Howard said in his statement, however, this is all in the past. He has been though quite a journey since then, but now he’s back with the Lakers and playing a pivotal role as the team tries to bring hime a championship. Los Angeles is 47-13 on the season and running away with the top seed in the Western Conference.

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