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Kobe Bryant picks James Harden for 2017-18 NBA MVP

Kobe Bryant,, James Harden

James Harden is a lock for the MVP award. Most NBA players believe so. Yet there are some whispers that other candidates deserve the award more than Harden. And Kobe Bryant, who won an MVP award himself, doesn’t quite understand the debate. For him, there should be no debate. Harden should be crowned MVP.

As reported by Sam Amick of USA Sports Today, Kobe said:

“It’s got to be James,” Bryant said. “I really don’t understand the debate about picking somebody else. I don’t get it. Like, what the hell does this guy have to do? I mean for the last three years, the guy has been absolutely lights out, and now you still want to sit here and debate who should be MVP when he leads the league in scoring (30.4 points per game), his assists numbers (8.8 per) are off the charts, they have the best record in the league (65-16).

“If he doesn’t win MVP this year, what the hell is he supposed to do to win MVP, average 40 (points), 15 (assists) and 15 (rebounds)? I mean, come on now. Enough is enough.”

Kobe’s frustration with regards to the Harden MVP situation is valid. After all, Harden finished second last year behind Russell Westbrook. Many believe that Harden should’ve won the award, too, since the Houston Rockets had a better record last year compared to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But Harden’s performance was eclipsed by Russell’s triple-double average. This individual accolade by Westbrook was enough to persuade the voters. But now, after leading the Rockets to 60+ wins and averaging monster numbers along the way, Harden may finally claim that award that’s long been coveted by him.

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