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Knicks’ David Fizdale ‘not losing sleep’ over Rockets’ dirsrespectful act

David Fizdale, Rockets

The New York Knicks are the worst team in the NBA but the lowly Eastern Conference franchise has done a few positive things along the way this season. With head coach David Fizdale trying to have his team end the forgettable campaign on a positive note this week, the Knicks’ leader is not worried about anybody outside of New York — especially the Houston Rockets.

Not only that, but Fizdale could not be any less concerned with the Rockets’ starters recently leaving the bench midway through the fourth quarter against the Knicks.

“I didn’t realize it during the game,” Fizdale recently told The New York Post. “I found out later. I don’t know what they left for. It’s not for me to try to figure that stuff out. I was trying to focus on our guys playing a good fourth quarter.

“I don’t think it happened to me [before]. I can’t recall necessarily, but I don’t think this was something directed at me or our guys. That’s their decision to do what they want to do, and mine is to get our guys playing hard. And I was focused on pushing through that fourth quarter.”

The Knicks will finish the year with the worst record in the league, leaving New York in prime position to acquire the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. As a result, the future could become pretty bright for the struggling Knicks, who will be looking to turn things around in a hurry come this summer.

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