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Klay Thompson’s dad reminds his son to take a page out of James Harden’s book

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Klay Thompson is already regarded as one of the top guys at his position in the entire NBA. The Golden State Warriors star can shoot the lights out with the best of them while being able to defend multiple positions. But for Mychal Thompson, his sharpshooting offspring still has room to improve and he wants to use no less than Houston Rockets superstar James Harden as a role model.

In an article by Scott Ostler for the San Francisco Chronicle, the elder Thompson says:

“I always tell him, try to make it a goal to shoot eight (free throws) a game. Eight or 10, like James Harden does.”

Harden has been notorious for taking an insane amount of trips to the charity stripe. Whether the fouls he’s drawn are legitimate or more of a result of his acting prowess, the reigning MVP still plays within the game’s rules, proving how cerebral and mentally adept he is compared to the competition.

Thompson got a first-hand look at this in last season’s Western Conference Finals as he was tasked to put the clamps on Harden for seven grueling games.

The Warriors have so many weapons at their disposal and have been very successful with their system that requires Thompson to do fewer penetrations and play more to his strength. Thompson unlocking a new aspect to his game wouldn’t be a priority but it would be welcomed nonetheless.

“I think you’ll see a hungrier player,” Mychal Thompson said. “He’s going to try to get more versatile, try to get to the basket a little more, more free throws, being more efficient on offense that way.

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