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Kenyon Martin calls out Chris Paul as sneaky in his dealing with management in the past

Kenyon Martin, Chris Paul

When Chris Paul retires he is going to go down as one of the better point guards ever, especially if he can win a Championship, but around the league, he actually isn’t very well liked. Just ask Kenyon Martin.

A former teammate, Kenyon Martin joined Colin Cowherd on The Herd and talked about why some players don’t like him.

“People think he’s a politician, and people don’t trust politicians. He does things inside the locker room that some teammates question. Dealing with management and coaches, people deem it as sneaky, things like that, but you don’t know what’s going on behind the closed doors and speculation.”

Chris Paul and Adam Silver have a really good relationship, and no matter where Paul plays it seems he always has an in with the coaching staff, and front office. Martin says that makes people inside the locker room wonder if he has the best agenda in mind for his teammates.

‘They think he has a hidden agenda that doesn’t include the rest of the 14 guys….for some guys it’s deeper than basketball, it’s about can I trust you…and sometimes it comes across as being selfish at times.”

Martin also talked about how the analytics guys love Chris Paul, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves him. An important part of building a team is figuring out if not only are his analytics are good, but if you can help the team win, and according to Martin some people didn’t think that Chris Paul really wanted to win.

Paul has won a lot of regular season games in his career, but when he steps on the court against the Golden State Warriors, it will be the first time he has ever made the conference final.

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