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Jimmy Butler thinks Rockets’ James Harden is more unstoppable than a healthy Kevin Durant

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Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler is one of the best defensive stoppers in the league today, often getting the task of slowing down the opposing team’s superstar. Having defended two of the best scorers of this generation in Houston Rockets guard James Harden and Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant, Butler recently gave his two cents on who was harder to stop between the two MVPs.

In a lengthy piece on The Player’s Tribune’s “5 Toughest” series, Butler went ahead and picked “The Beard” as the superior player on offense.

“I think if you asked multiple people who the most unstoppable player in the league is right now, it would be a toss-up between a healthy KD and James. But if you ask me? It’s James Harden, for the win.”

The four-time All-Star claimed that Harden’s move set is far more unpredictable, especially when the Rockets superstar starts it off with his patented step-back.

“Step-back. Floater. Euro step. He has so much in his package, and he’s always hitting tough shots. I mean, he’s creating new sh*t in the off-season where he’s shooting one-legged, step-back, side-step … pretty soon he’s gonna do a handstand and kick the motherf***er in the basket,” Jimmy Butler detailed.

As great as Harden has been over the last couple of seasons, it is true that he never rests on his laurels and tries to add something new to his game each year. Pundits thought his one-legged step-back 3-pointer was more of a gimmick when he practiced it in the preseason, but that move has now been added to his repertoire and continues to trick even the best wing defenders in the league.

Just 38 games into the season, James Harden has already eclipsed several scoring records. He still leads the league in scoring at 37.7 points per game, while shooting 45.3 percent from the field and 38.0 percent from deep for the Rockets.

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