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Jeremy Lin tweets the refs are ‘helping’ the Warriors

jeremy lin

The Houston Rockets are in pain right now after losing to the Golden State Warriors at home Monday night, 101-92. Not only did they blow a 3-2 series lead, the Rockets also saw the end of their 2017-18 campaign right in front of their home crowd. The Rockets’ abysmal shooting was mainly to blame for their loss, as they shot just 36-for-90 from the field for an atrocious 40.0 field goal percentage. They were even worse from deep, where they went just 7-for-44.

While most of the Rockets’ woes were self-inflicted, many others who watched the game also can’t help but notice the referees’ bad officiating of the contest that seemed to favor Golden State. Among those who pointed that out was Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin, a former Rocket himself.

To be fair to Lin, there were really a number of instances in the game where the Warriors were supposed to be called for fouls but did not drew the referees’ attention. Perhaps it’s the referees’ way of letting the action flow freely, but then again, it should not come at the expense of either team’s chances of winning the contest.

Lin signed a three-year deal with Houston in 2012 before he was traded by the team to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014.

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