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Jay Williams says James Harden’s ‘lawn chair’ antics are reason why refs didn’t call a foul

James Harden, Jay Williams

An animated Jay Williams took to explaining the foul/no-foul debate from Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals, as the controversy once again surrounded James Harden and his beef with the whistle.

Williams explained just how Harden’s constant manipulation of the officials backfired against the Golden State Warriors during a 104-100 loss.

He argued that Harden was indeed fouled on multiple occasions in the first half, but ultimately turned to exaggerating that contact in the second half, which the officials viewed as an exploitation of the rule.

The most pivotal no-call happened in the closing seconds of Game 1, as Harden hoisted a 3-pointer that was closely contested by Draymond Green. Williams argue in favor of the no-call:

“Look at how the verticality changes,” said Jay Williams on the set of ESPN’s “Get Up!” “That’s no longer verticality. Look at the angle on that! It’s pretty much like he’s laying on a beach in a lawn chair. Let me put a hat on him and some glasses so he can relax. This is not a foul in this situation. It’s the right call. He’s lunging his feet into the player.”

Jay Williams went on to put two pieces of tape to explain the concept of a landing zone, which is still somewhat unclear after Harden’s exaggerated landing grew it from a normal two feet to twice the size after scissoring into Green’s legs on the final play.

Richard Jefferson would then make the argument for Harden here, saying the reigning MVP only exaggerated the contact because he didn’t get those calls consistently in the first half.

What do you think? Foul or no foul? Tell us in the comments.

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