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James Harden’s phone-throwing incident from August under review

James Harden

Houston Rockets guard James Harden rarely stays out of the news for long.

While he’s not racking up points on the court, the bearded star is known for partying hard at clubs and one that Harden frequents has even honored him by hanging his jersey in the rafters.

Recently, it seems that Harden has been going a little too hard in the club. He has been accused of grabbing a woman’s cell phone and throwing it on the roof during a late-night mix up at a club in Scottsdale.

According to an Associated Press report via ESPN, the woman claims that she was trying to film a fight and that Harden took offense to this and promptly tossed her phone.

To repay her, Harden reimbursed her $500 to replace the lost phone, but apparently, this was not enough for the woman.

Now, the prosecutor is taking a closer look at the case and the reigning MVP could face more charges.

Harden had a legendary season in 2017-18, posting averages of 30.4 points, 8.8 assists, 4.4 rebounds, and 1.8 steals per game while shooting 45 percent from the floor. He posted numerous milestones throughout the regular season, including becoming the first player to put up a 60-point triple-double.

Unfortunately for Harden and the Rockets, their playoff dreams were dashed by the Golden State Warriors after two heartbreaking losses in the Western Conference Finals that saw the team relinquish a 3-2 series lead.

Houston has added Carmelo Anthony this offseason, and the front office is confident the move will help them battle the star-studded Warriors.

Hopefully, Harden can keep his name out of news like this and go back to leading his team to victories.

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