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James Harden’s crossover with Titanic music makes it 10x better

James Harden,titanic

The move that shook the basketball world, or also known as the absurd crossover and staredown James Harden made on Wesley Johnson has been a very popular topic for fans around the world. Already a day from the time he pulled it off, some hilarious videos of it have been made and making its rounds on the internet.

A clip of the highlight worthy play has even emerged recently with the Titanic theme “My heart will go on” as the background music. It is definitely a hilarious way to watch it, but has also proven to be a popular one given the thousands of retweets and likes user Titanic Hoops has received on Twitter.

What Harden did on the night is already being considered as one of the best plays of the season, especially with the disrespect he gave the L.A. Clippers forward. While ankle breakers are often seen the NBA these days, stopping for a second to stare the victim first before lining up a 3-pointer is something that does not happen everyday.

That 3-pointer was part of another strong outing from the Houston Rockets star guard, as he finished with 25 points, three rebounds, seven assists and two steals. Clint Capela and Eric also contributed to their cause, as they both recorded 22 points each to make it possible for them to beat the L.A. Clippers easily, 105-92.

More versions of the video are expected to be made as it will be a hot topic for the coming days. One could only imagine what Johnson must be feeling right now, but for what it’s worth, it could fire him up to play better in their upcoming games, especially if they make the playoffs and face the Rockets.

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