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James Harden’s 60-point triple-double is fourth best performance since 1983

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James Harden made history Tuesday night after he scored 60 points in a 114-107 win versus the Orlando Magic. Aside from the fact that it’s the first 60 point triple-double in NBA history, Harden’s “Game Score” of 56.6 is considered the fourth best since 1983 — the year when numbers needed for his statistical measurement were first recorded, per

Aside from scoring 60, Harden also added 10 rebounds and 11 assists for the game.

To calculate a player’s Game Score, the formula, according to, is:

(Points)+0.4*(Field Goals Made)+0.7*(Offensive Rebounds)+0.3*(Defensive rebounds)+(Steals)+0.7*(Assists)+0.7*(Blocked Shots)- 0.7*(Field Goal Attempts)-0.4*(Free Throws Missed) – 0.4*(Personal Fouls)-(Turnovers).

Game Score was created by John Hollinger, a former columnist for ESPN Insider, to give a rough measurement of a player’s productivity for a single game. As defined by NBA Stuffer:

“Game Score does not make any adjustments like PER does for team pace. It simply adds and subtracts the box score statistics, according to the various weights Hollinger has chosen.”

The only players ahead of Harden in Game Score are Michael Jordan who had 69 points and 18 rebounds on March 28, 1990 (64.60 GmSc), Kobe Bryant when he scored 81 points in a game on January 22, 2006 (63.50 GmSc), and Karl Malone who recorded 61 points and 18 rebounds on 21-for-26 shooting on January 27, 1990 (60.20 GmSc).

The 60 points by Harden broke Calvin Murphy’s record for most markers in Rockets history. It’s also the All-Star guard’s career-high after scoring 56 points in November versus the Utah Jazz.

Harden is leading the league in scoring this season at 30.9 points per game after coming in second to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook last year.

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