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James Harden wants to play the rest of his career with the Rockets

james harden

In this era of super teams, James Harden wants to stay put.

The man who signed the largest contract extension in the history of the NBA would prefer building a team capable of contending right where he is now with the Houston Rockets.


“I know where home is,” said Harden, an All-Star all five of his seasons in Houston. “I know where I want to be. I know where I want to retire ultimately and where I want to win a championship. Everything is going to happen here in Houston, and that’s the reason I’m here forever.”

How could Harden really feel any other way? The Rockets bet on his talent to the highest degree before anyone else did and it’s paid off handsomely for both sides.

Now the franchise continues to work magic surrounding Harden with other great talents. They swung and missed with Dwight Howard but now it’s Chris Paul coming to town.

The future looks very bright for Harden and the Rockets and it would be ridiculous for him to comment on his future in any other way. With years left until he approaches free agency and can seriously consider any other team, that sentiment shouldn’t change any time soon.

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