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James Harden-Rockets drama timeline

James Harden-Rockets drama timeline, James Harden trade, Houston Rockets, James Harden-Rockets timeline

Now that the drama is over, it’s time to look at the full James Harden-Rockets drama timeline. From every whisper, rumor and report, we have you covered.

We will attempt to cover this in chronological order as best we can and include all the notable happenings. If we missed something, or didn’t include it, there’s likely a reason for it. Maybe it was something too far removed from reality or this handsome internet scribbler just blanked.

Another caveat: Plenty of stuff we might learn in the future about Harden’s unhappiness might predate our starting point. You know, the entire ownership/China/Donald Trump deal.

Nonetheless, let’s get this party started.

James Harden-Rockets Drama Timeline: The Origin 

James Harden-Rockets drama timeline, James Harden trade, Houston Rockets, James Harden-Rockets timeline

September 17 (2020): One of the very first James Harden trade rumors emerge. 

October 15: Daryl Morey steps down from his position as Houston Rockets general manger. 

October 29: ESPN’s Tim MacMahon claims Houston won’t do a James Harden trade, as they want to “cash in” on his prime and make a run at a title.

November 14: A Sports Illustrated person claims a Nets-Rockets deal could happen as soon as November 22. The players involved were… well… it’s funny.

November 15: SNY’s Ian Begley reports that Harden’s camp reached out to Nets players to gauge interest, but that support wasn’t universal. It’s later on more than inferred that the player not supporting the trade is Kyrie Irving.

November 16: More reports surface. Now it surrounds the idea of Harden being more than intrigued to reunite with former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant.

The James Harden Trade Market Is A Dud?

James Harden-Rockets drama timeline, James Harden trade, Houston Rockets, James Harden-Rockets timeline

November 17: The Los Angeles Clippers want no part of a James Harden trade. The Boston Celtics also, reportedly, had the same stance.

November 18: We have our first official FAKE NEWS sighting.

November 19: The NBA community finds out why the Celtics have no interest in Harden. It’s a banger. 

December 1: Warriors called for a James Harden trade prior to the Klay Thompson injury.

December 1: Steve Nash “loves” his roster, and claims to know nothing about the Harden rumors.

December 7: Reports suggest that the James Harden trade market isn’t matching Houston’s expectations.

December 8: Doc Rivers weighs in on the rumors in a way only Doc can. 

December 9: Kyrie Irving claims anything involving Harden isn’t on his mind. 

December 14: While closer to a rumor than a report, the Rockets apparently demanded Ben Simmons and a hilarious amount of draft picks in any potential deal with the Sixers.

December 17: Giannis Antetokounmpo reportedly wants no part of James Harden. 

December 17: On the other hand, the Sixers were reportedly willing to include Ben Simmons in the trade.

December 18: Joel Embiid sends cryptic tweet amid the idea that his team would be willing to trade his pal for Harden.

December 23: The entire stripper/club fiasco involving Harden already surfaced, but began to heat up. 

It’s About To Go Down

James Harden Trade, James Harden Warriors, James Harden Hornets, Where Is James Harden

January 6 (2021): A media blackout goes down, then gets clowned. 

January 7: James Harden caught mocking a Rockets legend on a hot mic.

January 8: Harden’s work ethic gets called into question and Rockets head coach Stephen Silas responds. 

January 9: In a power move, Harden blames chemistry for Houston’s problems. 

January 12: Harden mocked by broadcasters for looking out of shape.

January 12: Harden goes bonkers in a postgame presser, resulting in all the trade rumors heating back up. 

January 12: John Wall fires back after Harden’s comments. 

January 13: The Brooklyn Nets smell blood in the water after Harden’s presser. 

January 13: Reports emerge that the Rockets also smell the blood, and are willing to move quickly on a deal with either the Sixers or the Nets.

January 13: Amid the reports, the Houston Rockets tell James Harden to just stay home. 

January 13: DeMarcus Cousins takes a strong AF jab at Harden prior to the trade.

The James Harden Trade Actually Happens!

James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Nets, Sean Marks

January 13: James Harden is traded to the Brooklyn Nets. The entire thing involves multiple teams (in, technically, separate trades).

January 13: NBA superstars react to the blockbuster deal. 

January 13: ESPN gets flamed for mucking up the details to the trade.

January 13: We have our first post-Harden trade rumor involving Kyrie Irving. It’s only a rumor at this point; though social media was already going bonkers in assuming Third-Eye Kyrie is probably unhappy (all conjecture, mind you).

January 13: Steve Nash responds to the trade in a cheeky fashion. 

January 13: The official Rockets Twitter account gently tosses shade toward Harden’s direction.

January 13: The trade is complete and Harden is out on social media liking posts about strippers in Houston. Our hero stays on brand.

January 13: Stephen Curry reacts to the trade. Isn’t he adorable?

January 13: If you burn his jersey after the James Harden trade, you get a free carwash for some reason. Hooray, capitalism.

January 13: Kevin Durant reacts to the move in just a few words. 

James Harden-Rockets Drama Timeline Fallout

January 14: The Nets officially welcome Harden to the team. 

January 14: Danny Ainge reveals the real reason the Celtics had no interest in Harden.

January 14: Old Harden tweet about “Rockets loyalty” emerges and he gets roasted. 

January 14: Less than a few hours as a member of the Nets, James Harden steals one of his new teammate’s number.

January 14: People begin to wonder if Kyrie Irving can now handle being Brooklyn’s third banana. 

January 14: We find out what the Rockets wanted from the Celtics in any potential James Harden trade.

January 14: We find out what Harden said to Brooklyn’s GM after the trade.

January 14: A Rockets legend gives Harden a hilarious piece of advice. And, yes, it involves strippers. 

January 14: Did the Nets actually pull off the trade so they can move on from Kyrie Irving?

January 14: Harden finally finds someone to defend him. 

January 15: Apparently, Kevin Durant “warned” Harden about playing for Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr. 

This very moment until an extinction level event: Only time will tell, but there was (and will still be) a lot to unpack in this James Harden-Rockets drama timeline.

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