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James Harden reveals what he wants to learn from ‘The Last Dance’


Houston Rockets guard James Harden has been staying ready for a potential resumption of the NBA season, while also indulging on “The Last Dance,” though he has yet to finish the ESPN 10-part docuseries.

The Rockets star admitted he is only halfway through the series and is hoping to digest and dissect every bit of what took place during that era, hoping to learn a thing or two:

“I just can’t watch it to watch it,” Harden told Jabari Young of CNBC. “I want to see the ins and out and everything because at the end of the day, I am a competitor and I want to see what those dudes were going through.”

Besides awaiting a return to action, Harden has been making moves of his own as a stakeholder in sports drink company Bodyarmor.

The New York-based company has a new marketing campaign entitled, “Only you can make you better,” which is slated to air on May 24 during “The Match: Champions for Charity” event that features two of golf’s most recognizable players: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

The campaign will be the first without the late Kobe Bryant, the initial investor in the company.

Harden, one of the many athletes representing Bodyarmor, dedicated the campaign to Bryant, whose $6 million initial investment was last valued at $200 million.

“We’re all doing it for Kobe, a legend who put all his heart, all his passion into the company,” said Harden. “Only you can push you to the limit that you’ve never been. Nobody else can force you to make you want to be better, and that’s the kind of approach, the kind of mindset I have.”

It might not be long before Harden gets back into the flow of things, especially now that the NBA has reportedly proposed a 70-game season to comply with local broadcast agreements.

The Rockets are 40-24 (sixth in the West) and would have six more regular-season games to play before rolling into the postseason.

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