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James Harden reacts to Rockets’ winning streak being broken

james harden

The Houston Rockets finally lost a game, but James Harden didn’t really seem to be worried about it.

The Rockets lost 108-105 to the Toronto Raptors on Friday night. Going into the game, the Rockets had won 17 consecutive games and were looking for No. 18 against the Raptors, who have the best record in the Eastern Conference.

But the Raptors got the best of the Rockets this time to snap Houston’s win streak. When asked about it after the game by Tim MacMahon of ESPN, Harden had a rather measured response.

The Rockets like to win. Well, actually, all NBA teams like to win. And Harden is no different. But the Rockets have bigger aspirations than keeping a winning streak going.

So while it must sting a bit to have a winning streak snapped, it was not because the Rockets played poorly or made too many mistakes or something of that nature. The Raptors just won the game. Sometimes when a team loses, they don’t worry much about it because it did beat itself.

That is the case with what happened against the Raptors. The Rockets just ran into a better team on a night where it was their turn to win and Houston’s turn to lose.

All in all, the Rockets want to win a championship. This season is probably their best chance to do so since the mid-90s. So losing one game is not going to bring them down.

There is a silver lining as well. Because the Warriors lost on Friday night too so the Rockets still maintain the best record in the Western Conference. So they did not lose any ground there.

The end of the season is going to be one heck of a ride.

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