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James Harden not planning on cutting beard anytime soon

James Harden

James Harden is known for his play on the court, and now he can add MVP to the list of his accomplishments. There is one thing that the Houston Rockets guard is more famous for, and it has nothing to do with his play on his court.

It’s his beard.

All the way back in his days with the Oklahoma City Thunder, people were taking notice. There was fear the Beard shirts made as he became one of the best sixth men in the NBA.

When he came over to Houston the craze really took off, and Rockets sold fake beards in their pro shops so fans could look like Harden. There have been questions if Harden will ever cut his beard, but he has no plans to.

“It’s branded for sure,” Harden said to Calvin Watkins of The Athletic. You might not know my name but you know that beard from somewhere. Same thing with Jordan. You know that sign with him spreading his legs in the air with the ball. It’s a cool feeling.”

Scott Pera who was Harden’s coach in high school thinks the only way he will cut it, is if he marries someone who can convince him to.

“My old joke is someday some lady will tell him to trim it up a little bit and maybe he’ll marry her. But maybe not. Maybe he’ll keep it. Maybe he’ll keep it forever.”

Maybe one day Harden will have his own line of shoes just like Jordan, and instead of the Jumpman logo, there will just be a beard, and it would be fitting because that’s how famous it is.

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