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James Harden jokes on what to take away from Warriors’ Klay Thompson

James Harden, Klay Thompson

James Harden was in a good mood on Tuesday afternoon even though the Houston Rockets had just lost home court advantage to the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Monday night.

The Rockets practiced on Tuesday, and after the workouts, met with reporters to address Game 1 and how to improve heading into Game 2. In one segment of the interview, Harden was asked what he can take away from Klay Thompson, to which Harden replied, “that he can shoot the ball.”

For Harden, and the Rockets they need to figure out what to do with Thompson because the game plan in Game 1 didn’t work.

It seemed that the Warriors always made the extra pass, which led to a wide-open three for Thompson.

Thompson finished the game with 28 points, shooting 9-18 from the field, and 6-15 from deep. The Rockets were actually lucky because Thompson did miss a few wide open three-pointers that he isn’t used to missing.

The Rockets can’t afford to have these type of defensive breakdowns if they want a chance in Game 2, or the rest of the series because the Warriors have proven time and time again they will kill you if they get a chance to shoot wide open from deep.

For Thompson, he knew from the beginning of the game that he was locked in.

“I felt great,” Thompson said via the Mercury News. “This is the best time of the year, second to the Finals. You could feel the energy at tipoff. Shot was feeling good.”

Thompson is sometimes overlooked, especially now that Kevin Durant is on the team, but Game 1 showed everyone around the league, just how important Thompson is to this team, and why he was apart of the original big three.

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