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James Harden has scored 125 points more in isolation than the average player

James Harden

There is no question that James Harden is the leader of the Houston Rockets. But it seems like the Rockets superstar is doing too much on his own.

According to the stats database on the official NBA website, Harden has scored 125 points in isolation this season more than an average player would be expected to. To see how far away Harden is from the rest of the league, LeBron James comes in second with 34.1 points above the average.

In the offseason, the Rockets acquired Chris Paul from the L.A. Clippers in exchange for Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams and other assets.

Considering that Paul is one of the purest point guards out there because of his facilitator skills, you would think that Harden and the Rockets will move the ball around more.

It’s not like Harden can’t rely on his teammates. Aside from an All-Star in Paul, he also has Sixth Man of the Year Eric Gordon, sharpshooter Ryan Anderson and other serviceable players in Trevor Ariza and Clint Capela.

The team is obviously deep enough to contend in the star-studded West. But the biggest competitors in the conference, the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, are known to move the ball around well.

The good thing about moving the ball is that the team will not rely on a single player and will get everybody into a rhythm. If the Rockets will settle everything through Harden, they may not be in the best position to overcome an entire team in rhythm to play good basketball.

But so far, the Rockets are 30-12 on the season and are the second seed in the West, so the isolation plays by Harden are still not biting them back.

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