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James Harden doesn’t think Rockets need to add or take away pieces

james harden

After receiving the MVP Award, James Harden took the podium to answer questions from the media. When asked about roster changes, Harden was quick to respond. He feels that the Houston Rockets don’t need to add or remove pieces.

As per Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated, Harden said:

“We were a half away from the Finals. I don’t think there’s a piece we need to bring in or take away. We’re great with what we have.”

Below is the full clip:

Harden’s comments might finally silence all the rumors involving LeBron James and the Rockets. Talks have been sprouting in and out, saying that James is eyeing the Rockets being that they are already contenders. Apart from which, Chris Paul and LeBron have a pretty good friendship.

If they do recruit James, several pieces will have to be moved out to accommodate him. But he might be the missing piece for the Rockets to finally topple the Golden State Warriors.

The Rockets were eliminated in the Western Conference Finals in seven games by the Warriors. It seems that the Rockets were fully capable of beating the powerhouse defending champions.

Yet as bad luck would have it, Paul suffered a hamstring injury in Game 5. It proved to be the nail in the coffin as the Warriors took all the momentum.

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