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James Harden, Corey Brewer exchange flops during Rockets-Sixers matchup

James Harden, Corey Brewer

Flopping has unfortunately become a big part of the NBA. Players use it on both the offensive end to get free throws and the defensive end to draw offensive fouls. Flopping was on full display Monday night when the Houston Rockets’ James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers Corey Brewer:

Harden started the flop show during an inbounds play, attempting to draw a foul on Brewer from minor contact. Brewer returned the favor moments later when he acted as of if a battering ram hit him as Harden barely bumped him.

Thankfully, none of the blatant flops were called as play went on.

Harden is regarded as one of the premier floppers in the league, constantly exaggerating his movements to force the refs to blow their whistles and award him free throws. However, he is still one of the best offensive players in the league, and he has perfected the art of creating contact.

Unfortunately for Harden, he couldn’t lead his team to a victory on Monday night. The Rockets were dismantled by a deeper Philadelphia team that kept on piling on the points, losing by a final score of 121-93. Harden still had a great night, scoring 37 points as well as recording six rebounds and handing out three assists.

Without two of their top three players, the Rockets have become a fairly one-dimensional team. The team depends on Harden having nearly perfect nights, or else they have no chance of beating top tier teams.

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