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Jalen Rose says he’d join Rockets if he was LeBron James

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Ah, the LeBron James sweepstakes. The never-ending question and speculation of where the most dominant player in the game of basketball is headed this summer is the hot topic the entire season — which alternates between cool and sizzling depending on how the Cleveland Cavaliers are performing.

Numerous teams are clearing up their cap space and contending teams are rumored to be making some of their players available to make a sign-and-trade run — anyone and everyone is engaged and all in.

But if you ask ESPN analyst and former NBA forward Jalen Rose, the Houston Rockets is the best landing spot — and if he were the Ohio native, that’s where he’d go. Speaking on the Dan Patrick Show, Rose mentioned his ties with longtime friend Chris Paul and the possibility of forming a new “Big Three” with James Harden as a no-brainer career move for the 33-year-old, via Nick Schwartz of USA TODAY Sports.

“People are going to speculate Los Angeles, and rightfully so. He has a home out there. Maybe you can put he and Paul George or Boogie Cousins together and do something special.

But if the Houston Rockets were to lose to the Golden State Warriors, knowing his friendship with Chris Paul – they’re godfathers to each others’ kids and whatnot – I would think that would probably be the place I would go with all things equal. If I was leaving Cleveland.”

It’s worth noting, however, that Houston doesn’t have the money to pull off such a deal. With Harden’s gargantuan extension, in addition to forward Ryan Anderson’s albatross contract and the impending free agency of Paul and center Clint Capela — there’s not much money to go around. James would need to take an atrociously embarrassing pay cut to the tune of the vet minimum to make it happen, and it’s highly unlikely he’d do so.

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