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Grant Hill thinks Russell Westbrook ‘wants to prove he can win’

Russell Westbrook, Grant Hill, Rockets

Basketball Hall of Famer Grant Hill recently shared his two cents worth on what he believes motivated Russell Westbrook to make the big move to the Houston Rockets this summer.

According to the 46-year-old former Rookie of the Year co-winner, Westbrook’s decision was primarily driven by the former MVP’s incessant desire to win.

“I think the good thing for that situation… I thought last year, [Westbrook] did a really good job allowing Paul George to emerge and have a spectacular, almost MVP-like season with OKC,” Hill said, via Ben DuBose of USA Today.

“Sometimes as a player, you want to prove that you can be at that level on your own. [Westbrook] is at a point now where I think he wants to prove he can win.”

Hill went on to say that he believes that Westbrook should have no problem playing alongside another superstar in Houston in James Harden, as the former had already proven this with how he co-existed with Paul George last season.

“Harden obviously is a great player,” Hill said of the 2018 MVP and the dynamic between the two stars in Houston. “It’s Harden’s team.

“A lot will depend on how Westbrook and how he comes into the situation. But I thought last year was actually a good thing for him, in terms of accepting that another player can emerge and be great, as Paul George was.”

Hill presents some very valid points here, and while there are some doubts on how Westbrook will fit in with the Rockets, at the end of the day, he’s just too good of a player for this situation not to work itself out.

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