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Golden State believes Chris Paul made ‘dirty play’ that caused Andre Iguodala knee hyperextension

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Members of the Golden State Warriors believe it was “a dirty play” by Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul that caused Andre Iguodala’s knee hyperextension, which he sustained in the last minute of play in regulation after a James Harden missed free throw, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

Iguodala was seen limping a bit after securing a rebound, boxing out Paul, who partly undercut him hoping to get the steal from behind.

Once Iguodala elevated to secure the rebound, Paul moved into Iguodala’s body in mid-air, clipping the back of Iguodala’s left knee. Paul was assessed a foul and Iguodala immediately started hobbling and reaching for his knee.

“Hyperextended it,” Iguodala said of his injury after the game, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

The injury is believed to be minor in danger, but it only adds to a list of hobbled Warriors — Stephen Curry (dislocated left ring finger), Kevin Durant (sore right elbow), Draymond Green (knocked on head by James Harden follow-through).

Klay Thompson is the lone starter without any injury complications, but he also recently came back from a gnarly ankle sprain suffered in the first-round series against the LA Clippers.

Paul’s play on Iguodala is one of many plays that the Rockets consider as “hard-nosed” brand of playoff basketball, one the Warriors think borderlines as dirty play.

“There were many physical incidents that took place at the Toyota Center that had the potential to escalate if tempers erupted. And Paul was involved in most of them,” wrote Haynes.

Paul is playing his best version of Patrick Beverley in this series, while others like Harden and Austin Rivers make sure to get on every official’s ear and complain about fouls they did not get their way.

To sum it up, the Rockets have annoyed their way into a 2-2 tie in this Western Conference Semifinals, giving themselves a chance in what now becomes a best-of-three series against the defending champions.

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