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Gary Clark thinks Carmelo Anthony gamble will work

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Houston Rockets two-way signee Gary Clark won’t take the mindset that acquiring Carmelo Anthony this offseason was a set up for failure.

While some think the Rockets let a big chance slip by dealing the Golden State Warriors their best haymaker in the 2018 Western Conference Finals and falling short, he’s not so confident that this will be the last time both teams meet in the playoffs.

“They’re saying now that Melo isn’t gonna work. Why? We got guys that communicate,” said Clark, according to Kelly Iko of The Athletic. “You’re on this team ’cause you think basketball. You’re just not out there running around — maybe that’s why it don’t work for other teams, guys aren’t thinking basketball. They don’t understand the bigger plan. Here, everyone knows the game plan so it’s easy.”

The Melo experiment was a disaster in Oklahoma City, forcing a No. 1 scorer into a tertiary role behind Russell Westbrook and Paul George — an attempt that ended in a career-worst season for Anthony, who had put up 20 points or more during every season of his NBA career before joining the Thunder.

Anthony is expected to play a similar role in Houston, but Clark and the rest of his teammates are banking on a longer offseason together and a deeper relationship with floor general Chris Paul can be reasons to make this partnership work.

The 10-time All-Star signed a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum after agreeing to a buyout with the Atlanta Hawks after being traded by the Thunder earlier this summer.

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