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Eric Gordon says Rockets’ feud with Clippers was ‘no biggie’

Eric Gordon, Chris Paul

The Houston Rockets and the L.A. Clippers feud that could’ve turned into a brawl was downplayed by Eric Gordon saying it was “no biggie.” TMZ caught up with the Rockets’ shooting guard at Catch in West Hollywood on the night the incident happened.

Asked if the Rockets and the Clippers have started a rivalry because of this, Gordon shook his head and said, “no rivalry.” Following up on that response, the reporter had a query about his teammates entering the Clippers’ locker room.

“I don’t know man,” Gordon says. “No biggie, man. No biggie”

Not only was it a non-issue to Gordon, he also says that he doesn’t expect any suspensions.

You can watch the full video here:

From the interview, it’s clear that Gordon was downplaying the incident just to get out of the hair of the TMZ reporter. Or maybe he didn’t want to say anything that would implicate him or any of his teammates and impede the progress of the NBA’s investigation.

The league is looking into this and it’s very clear that they don’t want a repeat of the incident that could tarnish the NBA’s global brand.

Regardless of Gordon’s response, expect NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to come down hard on the players involved to prevent any further escalation. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, “the NBA’s investigation into the Clippers-Rockets tomfoolery began late Monday night and continues into today, league sources tell ESPN. There will be no shortage of punished individuals.”

Fines, suspensions, and warnings for future retaliation are likely to be handed out soon from the commissioner’s office.

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