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Eric Gordon says Carmelo Anthony will do well with Rockets

carmelo anthony, eric gordon

Not many were thrilled with Carmelo Anthony’s signing with the Houston Rockets. Is there anything he can contribute? Amidst all the early criticisms, Eric Gordon believes that his new teammate will achieve great success with his new team.

Gordon held a question and answer session via Twitter. A fan asked how he thinks Anthony will fare with the Rockets. The sharpshooting guard responded:

For now, we can only send out our guesses as to what Gordon means. Will the Rockets run plays specially designed for Anthony? Perhaps.

As observed over the past two seasons, the Rockets either just let it fly from downtown or drive aggressively to the hoop. They rarely shoot mid-range jumpers or feed the ball into the post.

Anthony can definitely shoot threes. But at 34 years old, can he still effectively power his way inside? His lone season with the Oklahoma City Thunder and his last few seasons with the New York Knicks showed that Anthony got his points via post-ups.

But under the Rockets’ offense, they seem to have no intention at all to feed the ball to the post.

On paper, it seems that Anthony won’t fit Mike D’Antoni’s system at all. But for now, we should trust Gordon’s words. They will find a way to make Anthony comfortable and successful.

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