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Eric Gordon reveals the secret to Houston winning a championship


Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon recently opened up about his team’s championship aspirations. According to the former Sixth Man of the Year winner, he believes that for his team, consistency is going to be key.

” You know to be honest,” the Rockets talent said, via Kelly Iko of The Athletic. “If we’re ever going to win something, we have to get to a point where everybody is having a good game pretty consistently, almost every night. To me, if you ever want to win a championship, all your top guys on the team have to do well. Like when you go in the playoffs and you have to have four to five guys playing well and everybody has to have a chance to be successful. And you know, it can’t be where two guys are playing very, very good and everyone else is still trying to find their way on the court. There has to be a system where we know what’s gonna possibly happen every single night.”

Initially, Gordon seemed to point out that aside from Houston’s stars, the role players also have to do their bit in helping this team reach a certain level of consistency. However, he also pointed out that in his mind, not a single person on the team — not even the stars — have stood out in this respect.

“And with us, it just hasn’t been that way all season,” the Rockets guard claimed. “There hasn’t been really one player that you can just say ‘He’s having a great night almost every night. You know, consistency from a standpoint.”

It seems that Gordon has some extremely high standards. Rockets superstar James Harden does have his occasional off nights, but we’d say he’s been pretty consistently amazing this season.

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