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Donovan Mitchell takes shot at James Harden following Game 4 loss

Donovan Mitchell, James Harden

Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell was not happy with the way James Harden earned foul calls in Game 4 of the series against the Houston Rockets, audibly upset at how he was officiated throughout the game.

“If that’s what he needs to win f***ing MVP, then f*** it,” said an angry Mitchell after the Jazz went down 3-1 in the Western Conference semifinals on Sunday.

Harden shot only eight free throws, to Mitchell’s seven — but it was the way he earned them that made the Rookie of the Year candidate so upset.

Harden’s free throws would come in bulldozing runs to the rim and flop-like flails that would get officials’ attention, something even a rookie like Mitchell can’t respect.

Even during the first quarter, the TNT broadcast showed a difference in the free throw disparity between Harden and the rest of players of similar caliber, getting 1,225 more attempts than former teammate Russell Westbrook, an MVP on his own right, who one could argue drives the ball with as much reckless abandon than his bearded brethren.

Yet Harden, who led the league in makes and attempts throughout the regular season, isn’t even leading the pack this postseason, ranking a whopping 35 free-throw attempts behind LeBron James, who has put up 102 attempts through 10 playoff games.

Harden only had three points in the fourth quarter, following a miserable 8-of-22 shooting night, but the way in which he’s being officiated and the constant exploits of it have been a key reason of Mitchell’s frustration throughout this series.

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