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DeMarcus Cousins ejected from Rockets-Lakers game after tempers flare

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DeMarcus Cousins just can’t catch a break. After escaping ejection in the first quarter of the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers matchup on Sunday, Boogie somehow still got kicked out of the ball game minutes later.

The Rockets center got called for a Flagrant 1 after trying to swipe the ball away from a driving LeBron James. But instead of making contact with the ball, the 30-year-old center caught The King’s forehead sending him crashing to the floor.

Did the refs make the right decision in calling a flagrant foul? You be the judge.

To be fair, officials were already wary of Cousins after he figured in a violent shoving match with Lakers forward Markieff Morris right at the end of the first quarter. Morris was ejected for that incident, while Cousins got spared since he only got a technical foul. But Boogie’s dust-up with LeBron was the final straw, as that disqualifying foul meant he will be hitting the showers early. Cousins had six points and four rebounds in eight minutes of action before the ejection.

The four-time All-Star center was averaging  5.8 points and 5.8 rebounds for Houston entering Sunday’s game at Toyota Center. After dealing with multiple season-ending injuries over the last couple of years, Cousins is seeking redemption in his first stint in Clutch City. But looks like his reputation still precedes him, and refs will always have a close eye on him each time he takes the floor.

It is worth noting that Cousins showed great restraint against Morris earlier on. Too bad he got caught red-handed against LeBron and still got the boot.

Cousins briefly played for the Lakers before tearing his ACL in preseason, so he’s quite familiar with James and the L.A. squad.

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