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DeAndre Jordan played key role as peacemaker during Rockets incident

DeAndre Jord

DeAndre Jordan is one of the NBA’s best rebounding big men. He is also a certified rim-protector that can deny whole offenses from accessing his team’s interior for easy buckets in the paint.

In addition, Jordan is 6-foot-11 and 265 pounds. Yet, he has a gregarious personality that gets along swimmingly with his fellow players. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Jordan reportedly played the role of a peacemaker during the bizarre Rockets’ locker room incident, according to Marc Stein of the NY Times.

Also told today that DeAndre Jordan, as the closest Clipper to the door when Trevor Ariza and the other Houston players got inside LA’s locker room, was key in keeping things from escalating

While this story is still developing, it stands to reason that Jordan was the only Clipper who wanted to talk some sense into the Rockets, who infiltrated the Clippers’ locker room using a secret tunnel. If you pay close attention to the report, it says that Jordan was the “closest Clipper to the door” when the Rockets’ entourage entered the locker room. Had Jordan not been there, it is likely that the whole incident could have escalated into a wild and physical interaction. By no means are all NBA players certified black-belts in kung-fu, but as this season has shown, players are possible of inflicting bodily harm to each other when triggered.

Hopefully, Jordan was able to reason with the Clippers to avoid engaging in a senseless struggle. If he didn’t, who knows what might have happened that night. One thing is for sure, though. The NBA will be hearing about this very soon, and Jordan may just get a pass.

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