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Daryl Morey think Houston can have the best offense ever

Daryl Morey, Rockets

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey isn’t shaken from his team’s rocky start, but rather optimistic about what the organization can muster with the finished product.

As usual, Morey was in full aim-for-the-stars-mode

“I really think we could be the best offense ever put on the floor. Now we’ll see if we can back that up, but our transition has been really good,” Morey told Kelly Iko of The Athletic. “Obviously, last year, we were one of the best half-court teams ever. There have been times where we’ve combined those two things and looked really good. Sometimes our transition has fallen off, sometimes our half-court (offense). But if we pull it together like I think we can, I think we’ll be the best offense in the league and a top-10 defense. That’ll be a formula to win the title.”

The offense has looked the part at times, but the Rockets switch-happy defense is far away from a final product — especially if Morey is aiming for the top-10

Houston has a unique ability to switch between one of the most lethal wrecking balls in the open floor in Russell Westbrook, then turn the dial back down for an equally-dangerous James Harden in the half-court.

Yet the emphasis on 3-point shooting (especially from the corners), has left the Rockets vulnerable to long rebounds and easy opportunities for their opponents to score in a fast break — something that still hounds them to this day.

If Morey is hoping for the best offense and a top-10 defense as his final recipe, there are a lot more ingredients that will need to be put into that pot before the final dish can be served.

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