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Daryl Morey suggests James Dolan common denominator for Knicks problems

James Dolan, Daryl Morey

The New York Knicks have been spending the past several seasons wallowing in mediocrity. They have not made the playoffs since 2013, and during the only five times they reached the postseason since 2000, only once were they able to get out of the first round. During the recently concluded 2017-18 regular season, the Knicks finished with a 29-53 record, extending their streak to five years of sub-.500 campaigns.

People have different opinions on why the Knicks continue to struggle despite the advantages of being a big-market franchise, but for Houston Rockets executive Daryl Morey, there is one constant factor he thinks everyone could agree on when it comes to tracing the root of the Knicks’ problems: James Dolan.

During an Ask Me Anything appearance on Reddit, Morey was asked on his idea why the Knicks have been this poor in terms of performance for a long time. While Morey did not drop James Dolan’s name, he sure was referring to Madison Square Garden Company Executive chairman James Dolan.

Morey on why the Knicks have sucked for a long time:

There is a common denominator to all their issues…

Under Dolan’s command, the Knicks have been crashing and burning on an almost yearly basis. Bad trades, bad draft choices, bad hires, and an utterly bad management have all conspired to make New York one of the sorriest franchises in the NBA. The Knicks, at times, strike gold (i.e. Kristaps Porzingis) but the bad just severely outweighs the good for the team.

The Knicks could turn their fortunes around next season, but for now, that’s more wishful thinking than a realistic projection.

As for Daryl Morey, his team just finished the regular season with a league-best 65-17 record.

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