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Daryl Morey says the biggest thing he’d change about the NBA is the draft

Daryl Morey

There has been much of a debate on how the league’s lottery system determines the order by which teams pick in the draft. To some, it is unfair that teams who perform poorly in the previous season are rewarded with early picks for the succeeding season.

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is one such believer, and when asked what he would like to change in the league if he were to be appointed as the commissioner, the 46-year-old executive singled out his desire to revamp the NBA’s draft system.

“I would change the draft,” Daryl Morey stated, via Kelly Iko of The Athletic. “I would make it to not benefit the teams that are losing as much. I don’t like how the season plays out, I don’t like any of it. I can get into more specifics someday, but that would be the main thing I would fix.”

Morey went on to point out that in his mind, losing teams must not benefit from a system that appears to be flawed.

“There’s no other business in the world that hands the biggest reward to the worst performers,” Daryl Morey added. “I don’t think it’s good. It’s bad for the league.”

This debate has gone on for years now, but up until today, the same old system remains in place. Tanking has become one of the biggest problems produced by this system, and until the league does something significant about it, teams will keep on losing on purpose just to up their chances for the coming draft.

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