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Daryl Morey reacts to Houston’s acquisition of Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook, Daryl Morey

It’s easy to be critical of the Houston Rockets’ acquisition of Russell Westbrook.

It’s still unclear who they were bidding against for a player on the downside of his career due approximately $170 million over the next four seasons. Prior to the trade, it was unclear whether or not Westbrook was a positive trade asset, but the Oklahoma City Thunder managed to ring two future first-round picks and two pick swaps out of the Rockets. Affording James Harden the best possible chance to win a championship in his prime certainly makes sense, but if he and the notoriously stubborn Westbrook are unable to overcome potentially devastating fit issues, just where does Houston go?

For now, that’s a question best asked for when or if the Rockets require an answer. Proponents of the trade, like Houston general manager Daryl Morey, are clearly far more excited about the prospect of pairing two of the most productive playmakers in league history than worrying about the prospect of Westbrook’s inefficient jump-shooting or the pitfalls of taking away some of Harden’s touches.

And as Morey quoted Westbrook on Instagram Friday, “Why not?”

Westbrook has made “Why not?” his trademark phrase on the path to NBA superstardom. He even founded a charity organization of the same name, whose mission is to “inspire the lives of children, empower them to ask ‘Why Not?’ and teach them to never give up.”

Harden and Westbrook played together with the Thunder from 2009 to 2012. They’ve both won MVPs since separating, but have yet to win a championship nor reach the NBA Finals.

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