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Daryl Morey possibly takes shot at Sixers burner account fiasco

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Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey fired some shots in the direction of the Philadelphia 76ers of late. It appears that the high-ranking Rockets exec is referencing the 2018 burner account scandal that involved the Sixers, with Morey using it as a punchline in his jest.

Morey replied to a tweet by a user named “donnie nelson burner account,” and the Houston front office head tagged a Sixers reporter asking the latter to give some pointers when it comes to keeping burner accounts under wraps:

For some context, Philadelphia parted ways with former team president of basketball operations, Bryan Colaneglo, in 2018 after an extensive investigation linked him to several burner accounts that were used to publicly criticize his own players and coaches. Colangelo was forced to resign once it was proven that he had links to the fake accounts, and it served as one of the biggest scandals in the world of basketball that year.

Morey seems to be bringing up the past with his joke on burner accounts, and how the Sixers organization might be considered as an expert in this covert field. Well played, Mr. Morey.

Then again, Morey himself is no stranger to Twitter scandals. After all, he pretty much launched an all out war of words between China and the NBA last year when he sent out a tweet supporting Hong Kong’s protests against the Chinese rule. That had even more repercussions — financial and otherwise — than Colangelo’s and the Sixers’ fiasco, so in that respect, Morey isn’t exactly in the best position to be making these kinds of jokes.

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