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Danuel House rejected guaranteed three-year minimum deal from Rockets

Houston Rockets swingman Danuel House Jr. has come out of nowhere to play huge, impactful minutes for his team.

The Texas A&M product is now looking for a contract to match his production, and apparently, the Rockets aren’t ready to offer one to him.

On Tuesday night, Tim MacMahon announced that House had rejected a guaranteed three-year minimum deal from his hometown team:

Because House was on a two-way contract, he can no longer play with the Rockets unless the two reach terms.

Houston is in dire need of a player like House at the moment. The team is currently missing two out of three of its best players in Clint Capela and Chris Paul. Rockets games consist of watching James Harden go one on one for what seems like the entire game.

While Harden is so good that this actually works occasionally, the team is putting all their weight on his shoulders. If the Rockets want a rested Harden when playoff time comes around, they need reinforcements.

That’s where House comes in. The third-year player is currently averaging nine points a game while shooting 39 percent from beyond the arc. He is a long wing who can guard four positions.

In short, he is exactly what the Rockets need to help keep the team afloat until their stars come back.

Clearly, the Rockets disagree with House on how much money his talent is actually worth. We will have to wait and see if that’s a correct assessment.

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