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Clippers’ Doc Rivers reacts to Rockets’ Austin Rivers trying to get him a technical foul


It’s going to be an awkward Thanksgiving in the Rivers household as Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers urged the referees to give his father– LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers — a technical that eventually got him ejected during the Rockets’ 102-93 triumph over Los Angeles.

The elder Rivers were arguing with the officials about a call he didn’t like during the game. As the head coach started becoming more and more animated, his son simply swooped beside the conflict and was flashing the sign for the technical towards his father. It was definitely a bizarrely hilarious situation that only happened because the Rivers were there in the game.

Tomer Azarly and the rest of the media interviewed Doc after the loss. The topic eventually gravitated towards that question, and Rivers let out a quick chuckle before addressing it.

From the way he joked about the situation, it does seem that the father is not taking his son’s transgressions seriously. He understands that basketball is a game and that they’re both very competitive people. Austin calling for his ejection was done only for the sake of his Rockets getting an easier road to the dub.

After all, his Clippers are doing fantastically well. They are one of the best defensive teams in the league with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George leading the team in that front. Moreover, he’s shown his mettle as a coach throughout the years. His presence late in the game would have spelled more trouble for the Clippers.

While everything’s good at the Rivers household, there’s no question that this will be brought up at the family table as they carve through the turkey. Hopefully doesn’t do anything with the carving knife while looking at Austin’s direction.

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