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Clippers coach Doc Rivers reacts to NBA-China controversy

Doc Rivers, Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has become just the latest NBA figurehead to comment on the ongoing situation between the league and China.

With such a relationship recently taking a strange turn after Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey released a controversial tweet regarding the protestors in Hong Kong, the future of the NBA in China is currently in serious jeopardy.

“We don’t get killed for saying in what we believe in, what we get is disagreed upon,” Rivers said, via Tomer Azarly of ClutcPoints. “We can disagree. I can disagree with everything you say, I have the right to do that and I have the right to say so and that’s good. That’s what this country is about, freedom of speech, and we should always have freedom of speech. But I did tell [players] this, freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences.

“You can have freedom of speech, but there may be consequences for what you say and that’s why we get back to the thoughtfulness — think about it before you say it because there could be consequences.”

While the Rockets are the only franchise that has truly been singled out due to Morey’s recent comments, Houston’s status could ultimately effect the league as a whole as well — and in a major way at that. With the NBA set to host a slew of events in China this offseason, the events of the past week may have just changed all of that.

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